Wash Your Hands More! Good Habits Little Angel Kids Songs

Baby John and his friends learn about the importance of washing their hands and getting rid of germs. Let’s learn how to wash our hands properly and make sure that they are clean while singing along to this song by #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes #babyjohnsongs #babyjohnnurseryrhymes

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Song Lyrics
Kids wait a second
Every time you sneeze
You leave germs
all over your hands
You always have to wash your hands
So no one will get sick

Yucky, no germs, oh germs go away
We are going to wash them all away!
We will fight them using
soapy water
Yes, we’ll wash them off!

We fight germs
front kick, side kick
We’re karate heroes
germs can’t win!
We beat them using
soapy water
Hooray! we washed them off!

Let’s see your hands
Oh no, they’re full of germs
And you’re going to have to wash wash wash
We fight the germs with soapy water
Hooray! we wash them off!

Now that we’ve washed our hands we can play
We can jump and run and play all day
We can go outside and play in the park
This is so much fun!

Let’s have a snack
come on kids let’s eat
But your dirty hands have germs, germs, germs
We fight the germs using soapy water
Hooray, we wash them off!

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