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Let’s enjoy the rainy day and sing along this new song by #nurseryrhymes.me/tag/superjojo/”>SuperJoJo !

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Pitter-patter * 2, the rain’s falling down
Mom and I walk together under an umbrella
Pitter-patter * 2
La * 4

Pitter-patter * 2, see the raindrops
Some are big, some are small, falling to the ground
Pitter-patter * 2
La * 4

Pitter-patter * 2, the rain’s stopping now
Splash * 2, let’s jump in the puddles
Pitter-patter * 2
La * 4

Pitter-patter * 2, see the rainbow
It goes down like a slide, so let’s have fun
Pitter-patter * 2
La * 4
Pitter-patter * 2
La * 4

1.Nursery Rhymes (All!!)

2.Learn Good Habits

3.Baby Shark

00:00 Pitter Patter Rain Drops
02:06 Baby Shark Finger Family
04:55 You Can’t Catch Me
07:14 Go away, Cavity Germs
09:32 Wheels on the Bus
11:52 Family Field Day
14:56 I Want to Be Like Mommy
18:09 Reading Song
21:15 Family Pets Song
23:55 I’m A Little Doctor
25:59 Daddy Got A Boo Boo
28:43 Give A Hug, Give A Kiss
31:03 Yes Yes It’s Time to Eat

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