I Tricked You, 5 Little Puppies Finger Family, Itsy Bitsy + More Fun Songs for Kids by Little Angel

★ I Tricked You ★ Baby Johny plays with Mom and Dad in this super fun video.
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Sing along your favorite characters: Princess Cinderella, Snow White, Itsy Bitsy Spider, My Little Pony, Humpty Dumpty , Paw Patrol Puppues & more in this great video compilation:

– I tricked You
– We made a Mess
– 5 Little Puppies Finger Family
– Ants in my Pants
– Stinky Socks Parade
– Baby Learns First Words
– Itsy Bitsy Spider Learns Languages
– Crazy Food
– Humpty Dumpty Around the World
– Scrub a-dub-dub
– Ants vs Ants
– Pony vs Unicorn
– Apples vs Bananas
– 5 Little Piggies
– The 3 Little Pigs
– Snow White
– Cinderella

Animations by:
Valnet Inc.

Copyright 2018 Valnet

By Little Angel: Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs