Five Little Pumpkins Halloween Songs Nursery Rhymes and Fun Songs for Kids by Little Angel

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Five Little Pumpkins

Welcome to the pumpkin patch. Don’t be scared, we don’t bite. Why don’t you join us for a song tonight?

Five little pumpkins
Sitting on the floor
One rolled away
And then there were four

He rolled down the basement
where nobody goes!
What happened to him next?
Nobody knows!

Four little pumpkins
Drinking witches tea
One turned into a frog
And then there were three

Never trust witches,
Who knows what it’s made of
I’ve seen mice and spiders
But never a frog!
Moah ha ha!

Three little pumpkins
Got quite a scare ‘boo!’
One ran away
And then there were two

I came to say hello
No need to be rude
Why don’t you follow me
I’ve made a yummy pumpkin stew!

Two little pumpkins
Were having so much fun
One laughed his hat off
So there was only one

You little pumpkins
Are asking for trouble
Dracula says
You’re making his cauldron bubble!

One little pumpkin
Is feeling very bored
He goes back to the patch
And finds the other four

Five little pumpkins
Enjoying halloween
They laugh to each other
As spooky as can be


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