CARS AND SUPERHEROS ⚡ MARVEL AWESOME SONG Spider-Man VS Venom and more songs by Little Angel

Did you Like the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” movie? Here is a song you will enjoy! Awesome Spider-Man Villains!

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Little Angel Compilation Featuring:

– Awesome Spiderman Villains
– Awesome Marvel
– Awesome Apples and Bananas
– Apples and Bananas
– Dinosaur Dance
– Where’s My Horn?
– Alice the Camel
– Down In the Savannah
– Where Is My Pineapple Crown
– 10 Little Bunny Tails
– Apples and Bananas 2
– Pig Tail Boing Boing
– 10 Little Dinosaurs
– Giant Snake
– I’m A Kangaroo
– Row Row your Boat
– Peekaboo

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Music & Lyrics by:
Ben Rawles (Music) –
Jay Lefebvre (Music) –
Neil Balfour (Voices) –
Jemma Johnson (Voices) –
Meredith Morris (Voices)

Animations by:
Valnet Inc.

Copyright 2017 Valnet

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